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Halloween Weekend!

It was a balmy, spooky night in the Village of Arroyo Grande. All creatures were stirring in the worst way – frightening, scary, and adorable – imaginations soared as they came from all over to test the adage: “Trick or Treat?” Guess what they received … woooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh … LOL! I love Halloween if for now other reasons than I can carve pumpkins, get all gooie, dress up looking silly, and meet the neighbors at their

What’s it like to be 14?

I can recall this day 14 years ago in vivid detail and remember with stark terror the torment I was in just before giving up for the last time. Surrendering completely. Surrendering honestly. Surrendering finally. The relief that overcame me was tremendous and welcome and all those things that come to mind when you realize your life is without prison walls … scary is also a word to describe the feeling. I will not go

I Am Now 54 & Couldn’t Be More Happy!

Today was not like any other day – it was my 54th birthday and expectations were I would wind up simply relaxing and nothing more. Boy was I sooooooooooooooo wrong! Thank you to all my family, friends and brothers in arms for your well wishes, gifts and cards (physical or otherwise) – you truly have made my day. A few statistics… Most wonderful connection – Cousin Carole stopped by (I hadn’t seen her in over

Lazy Day Outdoors

Spending a lazy day – enjoying the sights and soaking up the sunshine. Hope your day is as wonderful where you are!

Living! Loving Life on Life’s Terms!

Today begins a new way of life – a new way of thinking – and a new way of acting. The Andersons are about to re-invent themselves in the image of the new millennium and the results will be here for you to see.

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