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Too Old for The Job? 5 Strategies For 55+ Job Hunters

If you’re over 55 and pounding the pavement these days, it’s not pretty. I have several friends who fit this description. They’re frustrated, furious and frankly dumbfounded by their inability to land a job that suits their experience and desired salary. They’re picking up part-time consulting jobs to keep afloat, zapping résumés into the black hole of online resumé bins, waiting for a response, and pulling their hair out. They have graduate degrees, and once held executive and management positions. They know what’s up.

Tips for Creating a Scannable Résumé

A résumé can be attractive and still be scannable. Since companies use different scanning hardware and software, it is impossible to know for sure how to format a résumé. The best way to ensure that the document is formatted properly is to call the company’s HR department and find out if they have specific guidelines. If you don’t have this information, there are steps you can take to optimize scannability:

How to Take Care of Weaknesses on Your Résumé

Do you have a unique circumstance that might raise a recruiter’s eyebrows when reviewing your résumé? Your first impulse might be just to lie about your past experience, put there are other ways still make yourself attractive to an employer without necessarily being deceitful. Gaps in Work History Being Out of Work Being Fired Unrelated Job History Changing Careers Recent Graduate Too Little Experience Over Qualified No Degree

The Art and Science of Writing Cover Letters

If you think you don’t need to put much effort into writing cover letters — or don’t need to send them at all because nobody reads them — think again. True, many human resource recruiters, headhunters and department heads don’t have time to read both the letter and résumé, so they skip right to the résumé. Others are so tired of boring letters saying the same old thing that they simply don’t bother to read them. As a result, some job search coaches will tell you, “Oh, just write a few sentences and don’t fuss over the letter too much. It won’t get read anyway.”

Job Search Going Nowhere? Seven Ways to Get it On Track

Do you feel like you’ve done just about everything humanly possible to find a job, but nothing has worked out? Have you sent out so many résumés or gone on so many interviews that you really think you should’ve gotten an offer by now? If your patience and savings are wearing thin, don’t give up hope. Try following these seven steps to jumpstart your stalled search: I don’t want to hear that you’ve answered 200 ads or listings or that you’ve mailed your résumé to 500 companies. That just shows you’ve mastered your word processor’s mail merge function. A job search is not about numbers

Résumé Rx

by The Career Professionals at 1. Don’t be vague, and be sure to customize your résumé for each employer. The inability to do this on-line accounts for some of the low return rate on on-line applications. Anytime you try to do a “one size fits all” approach (by agency, computer, or just passing a résumé around an organization courtesy of a friend) you lose the all-important opportunity to craft the résumé to fit a particular

Résumé Tips and Tricks

by The Career Professionals at Hiring managers and recruiters alike say they’ve seen more poorly written résumés cross their desks recently than ever before. Attract more interview offers and ensure your résumé doesn’t eliminate you from consideration by following suggestions and avoid some of the pitfalls. Q: Why are people so obsessed with their résumé? A: The primary reason people spend so much time, money, and effort in writing a résumé is that this is

Résumé Faux Pás

by The Career Professionals at Typos and Grammar Slips Suspected to graduate early next year Disposed of $2.5 billion in assets Proven ability to track down and correct erors Accomplishments: Oversight of entire department Strengths: Ability to meet deadlines while maintaining composer I am a rabid typist Here are my qualifications for you to overlook Work History: Performed brain wave tests, 1879-1981 After receiving advice from several different angels, I have decided to pursue a

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