PTSA hosts RU Classic Car Show 2014

by Vivian Vy Lam


1956 Chevy. Photo by Chandler Ross.

PTSA hosted a classic car show last Saturday for the community to have an enjoyable event.

The organization spent six weeks putting together the RU Classic Car Show. PTSA president Terri Boyle believes that the car show was a success.

“It was a really fun event. Everyone put a lot into it. I felt like we, with all the parents coming together, created this cool thing at the end,” she said. “Everybody that we talked to said how great it was and all the people who showcased their cars said that they want to be in it again next year.”

In the beginning, Boyle was nervous about the turnout of the car show.

“I kind of felt like the car show was like a wedding,” Boyle said. “We opened the event at nine and the cars were here, but no one showed up yet. The DJ wasn’t even there either. It’s like a wedding, you start to get all nervous and wonder if people will show up. When you get married, you want to make sure the food and music show up. It’s the same nervousness.”

According to Boyle, the idea for the car show came from a parent in PTSA who always attended classic car shows with her father when she was growing up.

“She knows the routine of what happens in a car show so she said, ‘You know what, we need to have a car show,’” Boyle said. “She believed that we could make a lot of money selling hot dogs and hamburgers and drinks. We sold a lot of drinks on Saturday because it was so hot.”

PTSA plans to hold the classic car show annually.

“We only had 15 cars this year, but Mr. Bridi said that the maximum amount of cars we could have for a future event is 50,” she said. “We’re having this event again because it was so fun and successful and the cars had such interesting history.”

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