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Restored World War II B-24 bomber lands in Torrance

A piece of World War II flew into Torrance airport Monday when the restored B-24 Witchcraft — the same war plane model that famed bombardier Louis Zamperini was on when he crashed into the Pacific Ocean — touched down for three days of public tours. Arriving about noon Monday after its 30-minute trip from Santa Barbara, the Witchcraft was opened up for tours, attracting lines of children and adults of all ages who waited to get a peek inside.

What’s it like to be 14?

I can recall this day 14 years ago in vivid detail and remember with stark terror the torment I was in just before giving up for the last time. Surrendering completely. Surrendering honestly. Surrendering finally. The relief that overcame me was tremendous and welcome and all those things that come to mind when you realize your life is without prison walls … scary is also a word to describe the feeling. I will not go

I Am Now 54 & Couldn’t Be More Happy!

Today was not like any other day – it was my 54th birthday and expectations were I would wind up simply relaxing and nothing more. Boy was I sooooooooooooooo wrong! Thank you to all my family, friends and brothers in arms for your well wishes, gifts and cards (physical or otherwise) – you truly have made my day. A few statistics… Most wonderful connection – Cousin Carole stopped by (I hadn’t seen her in over

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