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Wilmington during wartime: The Los Angeles Port of Embarkation and Camp Ross

The Daily Breeze’s Sam Gnerre looks at the way we were in the South Bay The U.S. Armed forces wasted no time in preparing for the movement of men and materials in support of World War II. In March 1941, months before the Japanese invasion of Pearl Harbor, the War Department already had taken control of the Panama Pacific Terminal, Berths 232-A and B, on Terminal Island with the purpose of using the docks there

How piers became part of Southern California beach culture

For more than a century, piers have punctuated the Southern California coast. Many of these boardwalks to the sea began as places of toil — where ships were loaded and unloaded, and legions of California dreams came ashore. Others were anchored to the booming Coney Island-style resorts. Today, piers are an integral part of beach town culture. They’re a focal point for surfers, fishermen and sightseers in search of a quintessential Southern California experience.

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‘Genetic changes’ triggered Man’s artistic abilities

By Mark Henderson, Times Online A CREATIVITY gene that evolved about 50,000 years ago was the spark that kindled the development of the modern mind, an expert on human origins said yesterday. An explosion of art, culture and individual expression that took place in Africa between 100,000 and 50,000 years ago may have been triggered by biological changes in the human brain, according to Richard Klein, Professor of Anthropological Sciences at Stanford University in California.

Aftermath of the attack by terrorists after both World Trade Center towers had collapsed

These are pictures of what is left of the World Trade Center and surrounding area in the days that followed the September 11 attack. Subsequent investigation revealed a plethora of problems with the surrounding water infiltrating the ground and resulted in many months and years of work to stabilize the ground and remove the debris. The devastation is clearly evident. ©MMI, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved

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