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Might be time to make a major change in my lifestyle

I caught a glimpse of myself reflecting in the window today and was disgusted beyond belief. I suppose the fact I was waiting for the Public Library to open, there in public, in the bright sunshine, made it all the more significant to me. My fingers were fat, my hands looked swollen and my belly stuck out like a newborn was developing beneath the skin, fully looked as though I were 8½ months pregnant!

Look What I Saw On the Way to the Post Office Today

REDONDO BEACH >> Was on my way to the post office today and couldn’t resist this shot of my childhood Maria St. home. My, how it has changed yet is surprisingly similar. At some point after we left in 1961, the owners added the second story, expanded the living room taking away the porch. I still see the long driveway alongside the house back to that old garage.

My very first Mobile Upload!

Testing out this new functionality from my perch here on Redondo’s Pier. Keep smiling! Sent via the Samsung Galaxy Alpha™, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

The Sun Sets on Arroyo Grande

As the sun sets this day, I grabbed my camera to catch, what I perceive as, the Sun setting on our time living here in Arroyo Grande. It shows beauty which I have enjoyed as long as I have lived here, spectacular colors which represent the wonder of the Central Coast, and the brightness just at the horizon which lets on the future is full of good things to come. I mention all this simile

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