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Web Log Update

By way of explanation, let me say after first starting my Blog last year (2005), we subsequently moved from the Central Coast of Calif. to Redondo Beach, my old hometown! More on this later, but for now I am going to recreate my previous Blogs and add new ones along the way until I become current. Great BIG HUGS, KISSES and HOWDY HOO to all my friends that have graciously followed with me!

The Sun Sets on Arroyo Grande

As the sun sets this day, I grabbed my camera to catch, what I perceive as, the Sun setting on our time living here in Arroyo Grande. It shows beauty which I have enjoyed as long as I have lived here, spectacular colors which represent the wonder of the Central Coast, and the brightness just at the horizon which lets on the future is full of good things to come. I mention all this simile

What’s it like to be 14?

I can recall this day 14 years ago in vivid detail and remember with stark terror the torment I was in just before giving up for the last time. Surrendering completely. Surrendering honestly. Surrendering finally. The relief that overcame me was tremendous and welcome and all those things that come to mind when you realize your life is without prison walls … scary is also a word to describe the feeling. I will not go

Lazy Day Outdoors

Spending a lazy day – enjoying the sights and soaking up the sunshine. Hope your day is as wonderful where you are!

Famous Quotes from Around the World

Anonymous Confucius Charles Morgan Eleanor Roosevelt Bernard Baruch James Feibleman Friedrich Nietzsche J.D. Salinger Margaret Bonnano Robert Frost James Oppenheim George Santayana Robert Brault Theodor Fontane Satchel Paige Charles Schulz Edmund Burke Bill Keane Ian Percy Shakespeare Albert Camus Helen Keller Plato Lewis Thomas Dale Carnegie Abraham Lincoln William Purkey Unknown Allan Chalmers Groucho Marx Chuck Reid Mae West Bernard Baruch “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t

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