Halloween Weekend!

Pumpkin carving for Halloween is the most fun! (Chris A. 31-Oct-2005)

It was a balmy, spooky night in the Village of Arroyo Grande. All creatures were stirring in the worst way – frightening, scary, and adorable – imaginations soared as they came from all over to test the adage: “Trick or Treat?” Guess what they received … woooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh … LOL! I love Halloween if for now other reasons than I can carve pumpkins, get all gooie, dress up looking silly, and meet the neighbors at their very best!

Of course, we adults like to continue looooooooooooooooong after the children are asleep. Costumes come off in so many ways – and depending who was wearing it – they can be extremely exciting to help with … mmmmmmmmmm !

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