Might be time to make a major change in my lifestyle

By Chris Anderson

I caught a glimpse of myself reflecting in a window today and was disgusted beyond belief. I suppose the fact I was waiting for the Public Library to open, there in public, in the bright sunshine, made it all the more significant to me. My fingers were fat, my hands looked swollen and my belly stuck out like a newborn was developing beneath the skin, fully looked as though I were 8½ months pregnant!

When I was young, in high school I believe, I used to joke to my friends they should shoot me if ever I looked like that. Thank God, they never listened! Truthfully, only my current wife has ever intimated to me that I need to watch my weight. Recently I’ve toyed with the notion I was “working out,” because I went to the gym every other week to spin the grinder with my arms for an hour and swim a fantastic ten laps—big deal. Today’s revelation has made an impression to be sure, how much remains to be seen.

In 1991 I stopped drinking after finally admitting I am an alcoholic and, after no small amount of effort, have been sober over 24 years now. Six year after stopping drinking I was able to stop smoking cigarettes, the most difficult endeavour I ever attempted. I have been a non-smoker for 18 years now. Incredibly, I hadn’t thought stopping eating was ever going to be an issue, but it has—if the body in the window is any indication.

No denying it now, it has to become a priority—a number 1 priority! It has to be that I drastically reduce my eating, reduced caloric intake. Obvious too comes regular exercise, regular daily exercise including grinding with the arms, push-ups, sit-ups and swimming. That’s continuous swimming for half a mile, non-stop. Lastly, I need to begin wearing my brace again, walking unaided by crutches more and more to decrease dependence on aids and increase my mobility.

I am starting immediately, as I have no choice. I am praying to my God for the strength and remind myself of that blob in the window.

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