Look What I Saw On the Way to the Post Office Today

By Chris Anderson

1959-06 chris - class pool party

Chris leaning at the edge of the Doughboy ‘Silver Lake’ pool with his friends from school in the background. The next year, at his sister’s pool party, the liner was torn and all the water spilled from the backyard, down the driveway and onto Maria street. (Photo by Patricia Anderson, c.June 1959)

REDONDO BEACH >> Was on my way to the post office today and couldn’t resist this shot of my childhood Maria St. home. My, how it has changed yet is surprisingly similar.

At some point after we left in 1961, the owners added the second story, expanded the living room taking away the porch. I still see the long driveway alongside the house back to that old garage. I spent many a time playing with my Tonka Trucks in there while dad was at work.

These lots are huge, 150’+ and this block of Maria has no alley so there is an extra 25′ in depth. We had a Doughboy above-ground pool my mom won on a game show. My sister and I would host pool parties for our classmates from Beryl Heights school.

I remember the second year we did that my sister’s class party tore open the liner and all the water came rushing down the street. I was down at my friend’s house at the time and all I can remember saying was, “I guess I don’t get to have a pool party this year!” We never replaced it.

Fyler: 702 N. Maria - $1.25M

“Huge Yard …Like your very own park!” So begins the sales brochure for 702 N. Maria Ave. from Kaminisky Real Estate Group. Listed price for the 1,808 sq.ft. two-story house built on a 9,056 sq.ft. lot is $1.25M! (Photo by Chris Anderson)

On a side note: the house just sold for an undisclosed amount (asking price was $1.25M). I remember my mom saying how they were able to finally buy the house in 1953, with the help of her parents, for $8,500. Keep smiling!

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