‘King tides,’ when sun, moon align, could flood California coast

By Associated Press

king tides view from pacifica pier

King Tides View from Pacifica Pier Tide 6.9 Swell 13-15 WNW >>> See where the wave is breaking over the fence? I was actually standing there yesterday trying to get a photograph when a similiar wave hit me! I could not have been wetter had I jumped into the ocean…..burrrr! See an animated gif below of my soaking. My camera was soaked as well but survived. Pacifica is very exciting during high tides and storms. (Photo by Jack Sutton)

LOS ANGELES — Exceptionally high tides along the California coast could bring flooding to low-lying areas like marinas and beach parking lots.

The National Weather Service says so-called “king tides,” starting Tuesday could affect areas from San Francisco Bay down to Southern California.

The highest level of the week will be Wednesday. The weather service says tides could top 7.6 feet in Orange and San Diego counties.

Why King Tides?The tides will be accompanied by off-shore rip currents into the weekend.

The king tide phenomenon is the result of a natural coastal rhythm.

It happens when the sun and moon align, which pulls ocean water to opposite sides of the earth and creates extremely high and low tides.

Wave engulfs me and my camera

Getting wet! I got drenched by a wave down in Pacifica this morning, it really slammed me. I wish someone could have photographed it; the king of all King Tide photos 🙂 Now I feel I’m really into it, kind of like a war correspondent getting a bullet, just a token of the job! Wahoo!!!!! (Animation by Jack Sutton)

Note: This article have been enhanced by images from a Google search by Chris Anderson and first-hand photos by Jack Sutton of Pacifica.

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