The Sun Sets on Arroyo Grande

As the sun sets this day, I grabbed my camera to catch, what I perceive as, the Sun setting on our time living here in Arroyo Grande. It shows beauty which I have enjoyed as long as I have lived here, spectacular colors which represent the wonder of the Central Coast, and the brightness just at the horizon which lets on the future is full of good things to come.

I mention all this simile (or am I describing metaphors, I wonder?) because we are about to move from this place. For me, it means leaving an area I first moved to in 1971 to attend college. Slowly I had worked my way south, living first on campus at Cal Poly SLO, then in San Luis Obispo proper, next moving to Oceano, and finally landing in Arroyo Grande. All residences located within 17 miles of each other and contain within San Luis Obispo County.

For Candi, she will have to leave her friends from school and her home where she has spent all her life. Add to this, my ex-wife just relocated from KY back to CA – just three blocks away to be exact – unbeknowngst to both of us that we would be moving after the first of next year. It couldn’t be helped.

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