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Surfing legends gather to honor iconic surfboard shaper Hap Jacobs in Redondo Beach

By Carley Dryden, Daily Breeze Hap Jacobs wasn’t going to be pleased. The surfing legends gathered in a Redondo Beach restaurant Thursday evening jokingly predicted that the iconic surfboard shaper might even get back in his car and drive off if he sensed something was up. More than 100 of his current and former team surfers and friends from across the country gave a surprise tribute to Jacobs — a surfboard shaper by trade, but

Which South Bay cities grew the most in population in 2014?

Los Angeles County’s population grew by 0.8 percent to more than 10.13 million last year, while South Bay cities remained fairly static in growth, the state Department of Finance reports. According to state figures released Friday, Los Angeles County’s population on Jan. 1 was 10,136,559. The city of Los Angeles had 3,957,022 residents, a 1.1 percent increase from the previous year. In the South Bay, Hawthorne showed the highest population growth at 1.1 percent, while other cities ranged in growth from 0.6 percent (El Segundo) to 0.1 percent (Hermosa Beach).

San Pedro residents push to open up Sunken City for public use

There’s an allure about Sunken City that’s hard to resist. Explorers from as far away as Europe are drawn to the post-apocalyptic landscaped ruins, the collapsed remains of what once was a San Pedro neighborhood offering an edge-of-the-world view of the vast Pacific Ocean. The 6-acre property at the eastern end of Point Fermin Park is dotted with “No Trespassing” signs — often scrawled over with graffiti — because it’s also dangerous. Many people have fallen to their deaths after getting too close to the cliff’s edge.

California fishery managers try to curb spiny lobster hunting as value grows

Bucking its tail and shaking its antennae with menacing clicks, a foot-long male California spiny lobster tried to free itself from Paul Romanowski’s tight grip.

The nocturnal animal wanted to be returned to the black nighttime ocean, where it had ventured out of a cave perhaps in search of sea urchins or mussels to eat along the giant, sloping rocks that form the Los Angeles Harbor breakwall.

Knee scrapes no longer seem part of being a kid

By Doug McIntyre, Los Angeles Daily News Childhood is a bloody business. Last week two school districts in Washington, Spokane and Richmond, eliminated schoolyard swing sets after 7-year-old Stormy Solis suffered a fatal head injury at Fishers Landing Elementary in Vancouver. “Swings have been determined to be the most unsafe of all playground equipment,” said Steve Aagard, communications director for the Richland School District. In addition to garden variety skinned knees, ouchies and boo-boos, 200,000

PTSA hosts RU Classic Car Show 2014

PTSA hosted a classic car show last Saturday for the community to have an enjoyable event. The organization spent six weeks putting together the RU Classic Car Show. PTSA president Terri Boyle believes that the car show was a success. “It was a really fun event. Everyone put a lot into it. I felt like we, with all the parents coming together, created this cool thing at the end,” she said.

If you have Bitcoin questions, we have answers

WASHINGTON — News that the man who invented the Bitcoin virtual currency has been living a modest life in Temple City, Calif., has brought the computer-created money right to the forefront of the national consciousness. But what exactly is Bitcoin? How do you use it? And why would anyone want to? Read on for answers in this story by the Washington Post’s Timothy B. Lee:

Newsweek identifies Temple City man as Bitcoin’s founder

TEMPLE CITY >> Bidwell Street resident Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto doesn’t appear to be an economic innovator. He was certainly a sought-after celebrity Thursday however, at one point acknowledging “I’m the guy.” But what guy? An online report published Thursday by Newsweek magazine says the quiet 64-year-old Temple City resident and Cal Poly Pomona graduate is, in fact, the architect of Bitcoin, an innovative virtual currency.

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