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Origins of the name, “Anderson”

ANDERSON CrestThe origin of the distinguished Anderson family can be traced to the historic Scandinavian country of Sweden. The name Anderson, Andersson or Andersen is a surname deriving from a patronymic meaning “son of Anders—son of Andrew” (itself derived from the Greek name “Andreas,” meaning “man” or “manly”).

ANDERSON ShieldIn Sweden, Anders had been one of the most common personal names for many centuries when the patronymics were converted into family names; thus explaining the large number of people bearing the surname Andersson. Andersson (and also Anderson) is the second-most common name.

ANDERSON CrestThe Scandinavian forms Andersson and Andersen were often rendered as Anderson by immigrants to the English-speaking countries, whereby the latter form become one of the most common American surnames. The name was eleventh most common surname reported in the 1990 United States census, accounting for 0.3% of the population. It is the twelfth most common surname reported in the 2000 United States Census.

ANDERSON ShieldOther spelling variations include: Andison, Andersonne, Andersoun, Andirsoone, Andresoun, Androson, Andirston, Andresson, Andrewson, and Andresen.

Our line of the Anderson family immigrated from the Scandinavian country of Sweden and believed to have been from the Falköping region.

Some descendants traveled to northern Europe, Germany, Poland and the like, and from there some went on to America. Others immigrated through England and then on to America in search of new lands.

John and Joanna Anderson

Our Patriarch, Johan Karl “John” Ander(s)son As far as we can tell, our family patriarch, Johan Karl Andersson, immigrated here from Sweden to finally settle in Illinois approximately three generations ago. Johan’s wife, Johanna Johansson, immigrated along with him as they landed in Rockford, Illinois, before the turn of the century.

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